Past Matrons/Past Patrons

Lorraine Chapter consolidated with Acacia Chapter in 1996.  Palestine Chapter had previously consolidated with Lorraine Chapter in 1983.  The following lists Past Matrons and Past Patrons from all three chapters.

Past Matrons/Past Patrons 1885-1948 (click here)

Past Matrons/Past Patrons 1949-2002 (click here)

Past Matrons/Past Patrons 2003-present:

2003 Judy Lantto Reuben Lantto
2004 Tracy Keeling Larry Drinkwitz
2005 Maraline Keeling Ray Prout
2006 Dorothy Stitt Bill Harrison
2007 Julie Bloch Larry Drinkwitz
2008 Leslie O’Donnell Larry Drinkwitz
2009 Jan Johnson Bob Johnson
2010 Kathie Brown Jimmy Klym
2011 Jan Arnold Larry Drinkwitz
2012 Jamie Johnson Bob Johnson
2013 Jamie Johnson Bob Johnson
2014 Kathie Brown Jimmy Klym
2015 Kayla Arnold Larry Drinkwitz
2016 Jan Arnold Scott Anderson
2017 Sarah Drude Larry Drinkwitz
2018 Leslie O’Donnell Scott Anderson
2019 Jamie Johnson Bob Johnson
2020 Jamie Johnson Bob Johnson




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